Best Ever

Posted on 05/22/2014

I am over here in Kansas. No. I haven’t seen Toto as yet but he is bound to show up somewhere. The coolest thing happened and I had to share. So, I am supporting a friend at the passing of her father. While at the service, her aunt whom I met over 15 years ago told another aunt in regards to me “she has such a giving heart”. Not too long after she approached me and asked me of I remembered meeting her so long ago. I remembered meeting her but wasn’t clear as to what was significant about it. She went on to tell me that when she first met me she complimented me on my nail polish. I immediately went in my bag and gave her the bottle. I did not remember this but it made my heart flutter because most times people choose to remember your problem areas than your precious moments.

It was so good for me to hear that. What an encouragement to know the first word that came off her lips regarding me was giver. Not abused, rejected, liar, taker, manipulator – I have been all those things yet, her first thought was giver – that I would rather give than take.
If you know me by now you know I more the grateful than the gloating kind. But it brought to mind, the woman in the book of Kings who made a home for Elisha. She thought of blessing him as he was in full time ministry, a man of God and of the household of faith. It was in her ability to bless him so she did. It was her gift, this honoring, this thoughtfulness that opened up the opportunity for the miraculous to occur in her life.

She wanted a son. Elisha sought God on her behalf. Why her? Why not the hundreds of other barren women? I believe it’s the first impression she made on Elisha. She was being a giver. Thinking of others created blessings in her own life. As I thought about I made an even greater resolve to expand in my giving. To intentionally get out if myself and sacrifice. I challenge you today to do the same – think of someone else. Who knows years later when you need a word of encouragement it may come from a seed you sowed years before from a source you thought had forgotten you. Don’t be weary in doing well. It doesn’t matter if you get applauded, noticed or thanked. It only matters if God takes note. So don’t draw back because your giving is taken for granted, ignored or made light of. Keep living to give and giving to live xoxo
What would you say now to your selfish self then? I would say “Sara when you die boo you can only wear one outfit so don’t hold too tight to the stuff hold tighter to the Savior.”

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  • Donna Jackson
    05/23/2014 (11:20 am)

    This was timely for me because I was feeling a little hurt because of some family issues. But I cant change who I am-like you I am a giver and I was feeling like I was taken advantage of. Determined to get past this and be happy!

    • saraconner
      05/24/2014 (3:25 pm)

      You know I felt like that once and I saw the enemy trying to use that feeling to stop me from being who I was – a giver. So, I determined that I don’t need others to understand, appreciate or even accept my giving. I choose to accept the fact God is the rewarder and with no strings attached I give to please Him. If they never respond its fine because I chose to do it with no expectation of return. So just keep giving and pour the expectation of return into God, He will send the right people to reciprocate and encourage.

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