Posted on 01/15/2016

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And the LORD changed the fortune of Job, when he prayed for his friends; and the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.Sometimes we are right in the middle of a nightmare wanting to quit. It could be a crisis, a health challenge, a financial typhoon, the loss of a loved one, or a relationship crossroads. We want to throw in the towel. Give in. Hide. We are embarrassed and can’t believe this is actually happening to US. As we try to wrap our minds around the madness it gets more confusing. We  shake our heads and try to steady our hearts but it still beats in our eardrums with fear.

Yes, we are believers but we are also people fighting anxiety and panic. We feel we can’t confess that we are about to meltdown because we think of the rejection, judgement and chatter that will result from those around us. I mean, what will they think of the prayer warrior who can’t find the words to utter a petition for themselves? Or the “big Christian” on the job who’s circumstance are seemingly making God look weak. So we withdraw, avoid people, ignore phone calls, call in sick, avoid contact or say we are “blessed” when we are bleeding out.

We think to ourselves, I just need to be alone to deal with this. Give me some time to figure it out. When I get through it I’ll testify. The devil tricks us into thinking our present circumstances disqualify us from ministering right now to someone else. We think, how could we possibly dare to encourage another person when our heart is on the verge of collapse? My friends, it’s actually in that time you’re most effective. Right there when you’re going through the problem. The Bible says this in Job 42:10

And the LORD changed the fortune of Job, when he prayed for his friends; and the LORD gave Job twice as much as he had before.

Job was in the absolute worst time of his life. He lost everything but had enough courage to have compassion on the very friends that were judging him so he prayed. And, his help came. Jesus on the cross being crucified still ministered to the thief. Pause on that a sec! Bleeding, beaten, suffocating, being jeered, mocked, ridiculed and left to die yet the ability to see beyond His present problem He ministered in it to someone else who could clearly see – Jesus looked as though He was losing.  You and I don’t have to be afraid of what others will think about our fragmented faith and what our situation looks like. We don’t need a perfect faith just a piece the size of a mustard seed to work. We overcome our difficulty by our testimony the book of Revelation says not after but before and even during our trial.

So give the devil a shiner today. Knock him a good one. Minister to someone else and steady your heart by holding on when you want to let go, moving forward when retreat is calling your name, holding your head high in the face of shame and trusting God when it seems you can’t trace Him. You are qualified to minister to another person not because you’re perfect but because you’re not. Not because you are in a sweet spot but because you’re sweating it out with God. Not because you have no scars to bear but because He is bearing them with you. No, you are not less of a Christian because you’ve encountered a crisis. You are no less spiritual because you’re in a stressful position. You are a person who is walking with God and that walk has mountains, curves, valleys, straight and narrow places. So yeah, it’s sometimes hard but you don’t have permission to back down, no baby you just buck up instead. God is still FAITHFUL.

Be encouraged have a great Friday! Share if this blessed you.


Sara xoxo

3 Replies to "DO IT ANYWAY"

  • Tameka Butts
    01/16/2016 (11:22 am)

    As always, this was on point! Thanks for reminding us that we don’t have permission to shrink back when things get tough, we must persevere. I’m thankful for all the ‘imperfect ladies’ in my life that have said “Let’s get through this kicking and screaming together”. God is faithful!

  • Donna
    01/21/2016 (9:44 am)

    Timely reminder- pressing on

  • Stacie Jacobs
    01/27/2017 (1:08 pm)

    This right here gives me life! You have no idea how this spoke to me. It seems that lately people have come to me for cousel or encouragement and I have wondered how can I help them when I’m going through my own struggles. I realize that God is placing these people in my path for a reason and it’s a blessing. It probably blesses me more than the person that came to me.

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