Posted on 10/03/2014


Flashback Friday – This is when we wrote down that thing – you know that thing Jesus has pardoned but we continually pay for? The fear, injustice, judgement, assault, unfaithfulness, broken place?  Yes.  Courageously hundreds of women boldly took that step of surrender and with trembling hands and tear stained faces laid down for the last time the anchors that held them hostage to yesterday.  For God SO loved the world … His SO kind of love covers what others chastise you for, redeems what they want to remember and forgives what you failed in. His so kind of love takes the remnants of our ragged unrighteousness and folds it over forgetting our debts and paying them in full.

Isaiah 40:2


Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God. 2Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD’S hand double for all her sins.

Sometimes we think this means God is looking for ways to punish us, to heap upon us our due and mete out the consequences.  While some consequences may not be avoided, that is not the heart of God here. He is speaking words of comfort saying that He has given out double, a folding over, a pardon, a full blown clearance of our debts.

See in Eastern culture, when a debt was owed and the person did not have enough to pay it, it was written down with their name and posted on the city gates where the elders sat.  The hope was that a family member, a redeemer would come and pay the debt.  When the debt was paid, it was doubled, or folded over and the payee would sign their name on it announcing the debtor was now free.

Regardless of how we feel.  Regardless if our debt was nailed to the gates for the world or nailed to the signposts of our private lives we can rise above the fray of the criticisms of others for we KNOW our Redeemer lives.  It is our choice to live unfolded and rehearse the pain or to hide in the shadow of His love doubled over in His goodness and folded in His care.

Choose freedom today. Our debts, bad choices, mistakes, sins and errors have been calculated and there is more than enough Jesus to cover them.  Our bill is Paid In Full – now let’s live today in that truth of freedom, untethered, unhindered and unstoppable.


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