Posted on 03/28/2016

Hey Everyone,

As a pastor I get questions all the time – How do you study? How can I learn more? or I get statements like, “I don’t understand the Bible, it’s a bit confusing”. I used to feel the same way. Some things were easy for me to grasp and then others were having me in a twist.  People told me some things we never will understand.  Others said it will be clear when I went to Heaven that the Bible is full of mysteries and so on.  Well, that just didn’t sit too well with me. I wondered WHY would God go through all the trouble of having an eternal plan for me, sending His Son, inspiring men to pen words on his behalf, watching and preserving it over thousands of years just so I COULD UNDERSTAND IT IN HEAVEN! No, the Bible is here on earth where I am trying to live out God’s destiny so that just wasn’t enough – I had to know MORE. I believe God sent instructions in this Holy manuscript for me to understand.  Over 20 years ago ONE CONVERSATION with my husband changed my life.  I was so frustrated studying and it seemed things were conflicting.

He took a few minutes and shared with me the greatest Bible Study secret I have ever heard.  I MUST share it with you! I am doing a LIVE YouTube event at 9pm Central Time on this same secret.  Join me. Invite your friends, share it and post.  I am really believing it will help you as it did me.  The great thing is you get to interact and comment the entire time. Set your clocks and I will see you in a few hours.  VIEW MY LIVE EVENT HERE


  • Keisha Bass
    03/28/2016 (10:51 pm)

    Everything worked well! I could see and hear you clearly. Thank you for doing this live Bible study. You answered questions I had and made it simple and no so intimidating to dive into the Word on my own. Blessings!!!

  • LaShonda Porter
    03/29/2016 (12:32 am)

    Well I just have to say I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you tonight. I hope to see more of these! I took lots of notes. Thank you SO much!

    • saraconner
      05/02/2016 (3:32 am)

      thanks so much for letting me know – more to come :)

  • Stacy-Ann Kimble
    04/14/2016 (11:57 pm)

    Thank you so much for doing midday devotions. It has been very on time and God used you to answer my prayers. My hope is renewed.
    You are indeed meeting your target of inspiring through Christ.
    You sure inspired me.
    Thank you so much!

    • saraconner
      05/02/2016 (3:31 am)

      Thank you so much for letting me know!

  • Nilsa Dehghany
    06/12/2017 (6:01 am)


    How can I tune in on Thursday’s for the online study at 9:00 P.M.CST? Is there a link?

    • saraconner
      09/04/2017 (1:47 pm)

      Hi Nilsa,
      I usually do it on Facebook Live. I will notify everyone through facebook and twitter when I do it. In the meantime there are some videos there you can probably check out. Thanks

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