Nothing French About My Toast

Posted on 02/14/2015

Happy Valentines Day y’all. Here’s a little love treat I like to make my fam
on this love filled day.
You can do it too: My stuffed French toast was featured once in a magazine – like for real though. I make a different version every time but this is what I did today.
MIX: 5 Eggs, 1/4tsp cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, coconut flavor, almond flavor, vanilla
THE STUFF: 1/2bar softened plain cream cheese, 1tbs sweetened coconut, 1/4tsp orange flavor TRIMMINGS: sprinkles of Brown sugar, strawberries, brown sugar, maple syrup
BASE: 6 slices good old white Bread (awesome with Ezekiel bread and vegan cream cheese) for #vegan option use 4 slices as the Ezekiel bread absorbs way more. Try raisin swirl bread to ooooh limitless options
PUT THAT BABY TOGETHER: Grab 2 slices bread, spread softened flavored cream cheese on one side, place other on top and make a sandwich. Mix all MIX ingredients, place sandwich in mix to coat on both sides. Put a little oil in frying pan and place coated sandwich in. Flip once browned and place a thin layer of brown sugar on top. Flip to Caramelize and quickly remove and place on plate. Place strawberries, drizzle syrup on toast, put berries on top and sprinkle powdered sugar through a strainer and

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