Posted on 02/25/2014


Hepatica flowers, pretty small bouquet.

As a child I remember bargaining with God though I only knew of Him and didn’t actually know Him.  I figured Him as the big man in the sky sort of like Zeus with bolts in his hands and furrowed brows eager at the chance to punish disobedient little rogues as myself.  So I spent a lot of time begging Him to spare me the inevitable spankings destined for me on any given day.  Sometimes I would run out and kneel on the asphalt road negotiating, “God if you make me not get in trouble, I promise I will be good.” You know those promises we make and pledges we spew out in fear and trembling pleading for deliverance out of our problem.  We tell God we will serve Him, we will help others, we will give our finances, we will surrender our lives as though we are waving a carrot before Him and He can be tricked by our meaningless, sincere but empty commitments.  As soon as I escaped a discipline, or came short of the full consequence, my tendency would be to move right on and past the God to which I just appealed.

Psalm 106:21 They forgot God their savior, who had done great things in Egypt;

Everyone of us ends us experiencing an Egypt of sorts and like the Israelites we beg for reprieve.  Egypt was a place of plenty yet the Israelites were on the outskirts looking in and living on just enough.  They serve God, love Him, cry out to Him and He does miraculous things to convince them He is on their side.  Over and over He sends plagues that ONLY impacted the Egyptians.  The Israelites cattle, homes, crops and children were miraculously exempt.  It seemed things were getting worse and some questioned if God really had an effective plan after all.

God is always on our side no matter how hard our Egypt experience is or has been.  The Israelites saw that but certainly with some pomp and theater!  God topped the plagues by causing the Red Sea to part – let that sink in.  Imagine passing a great white shark on your right as he is suspended in the air in the waves behind an invisible glass of the supernatural.  Phenomenal.  So you see, you and I have had moments in time where God suspended trouble, made openings for us that we couldn’t have done ourselves, allowed us to benefit, saved us from or promoted us toward. As the Israelites we sometimes forget –

We forget.  We forget that we are the lesser and He the greater.  We forget that the faith, commitment, service and patience it took to activate our faith and move the hand of God has to continue.  We forget that God doesn’t forget us and likewise He doesn’t appreciate being forgotten.  When we forget Him, we end up serving ourselves, our lifestyle, our goals, our work and other things become idols – a definite recipe for decline.  Today, let us be thankful and take a moment in the day to rehearse His goodness, remember His mercies, celebrate His love for us and lavish our love upon Him.  Today, we remember …. that God, our God, He is good.

Cheerios – Sara


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  • Donna
    02/25/2014 (6:08 pm)

    Pastor Sara,

    As always God moves you as only he could to write such awesome words! I know this was written for me by you from God .:)

    I recently found myself doing exactly what you stated trying to bargain with God and saying if you protect me this time from the trouble I’m facing I promise and I offered him an entire list of things I would do in return.

    As look to his word and I remember his promises to me, he has already protected me it’s now time for me to have faith and stand on his word.

    Thank you for reminding us to remember God first in all we do.

    His grace and mercy endureth forever…

  • Melinda
    03/03/2014 (12:32 am)

    Forget me not

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