Posted on 02/22/2016

It’s going to be a great week! I just know it in my bones even though my daughter is in tears because she is sick with the flu strain B. Many people get the flu right? Well, this is her FIRST actual time running its course YES first time! She doesn’t know how to be ill so she is a bit discouraged as her faith is on trial. 

When we experience injury, insult, difficulty, trauma or trials for the first time it can reduce us to tears. I want to encourage you today though – this too will pass. You will get through this. I know Heaven is looking at the losses – she will lose her exam exemptions because even though she is ill our school district doesn’t permit sickness to be used as a legitimate excuse (crazy right!), she will have to make up the work, she will miss soccer practice, she has a soccer game tomorrow and of course the biggest of them all – LUNCH time; she will miss lunch time. I feel it for her, but instead of looking at the bad how about looking at the good? This is a sign her body needs rest and recovery. She will be stronger, better and able to contribute more when she makes it through. Most importantly – SHE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH and SO WILL YOU.  Check her out  HERE if you like …

When we worry we are betting against God

The evidence that we believe God is the ability to rest in Him. Our faith is on display the brightest when we are the calmest in the middle of the chaos. I know all about NOT trusting God when I should have and it did nothing but create stress and anxiety. But God will come through, His word never fails. I’ve grown some and now understand HE really is in control so you don’t have to be. So today, I want to encourage you to refocus and BELIEVE …. AGAIN.

My friend Lynette Lewis invited me to talk for about 90 seconds on exactly this point. What an honor it is to have participated in the series that she is running all month. Friends from all over have been sharing what they did for love and it has been pretty amazing. What I did for love was to believe again. Take 90 seconds and view my WHAT I DID FOR LOVE VIDEO . I hope it gives a little more faith to your heart today. Give it a thumbs up and leave a comment :)

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